Judgement Detail - HOW/814/2020


On fundamental right of freedom of Association, the High Court of Imo State per I.O. Agugua, Ag CJ in Suit No: HOW/814/2020 between MR. MATHEW SORONNADI V. LOUIS AMAGHERE & 8 Ors which judgment was delivered on 15th day of March, 2021 stated:


The Applicant formed and willingly/voluntarily became a member of the association together with the 1st- 6th Respondents. Their constitution is therefore binding on him. By voluntarily being a member, he has given up his individual right and subsumed same into their association’s collective rights. If the Applicant is alleging that there was an amendment after he joined another association, the onus is on him to prove same and he has failed to do so. Therefore, I am inclined to believe the 1st- 6th Respondent’s version, that their constitution has never been amended. The Applicant is bound by the said constitution of their association.

From the foregoing, this court has arrived at the conclusion that the Applicant has failed woefully to prove that his Fundamental Human Right has been infringed upon or is likely to be infringed upon by the Respondents. This suit is nothing but an abuse of court process. The Applicant is hereby warned by this court to desist from giving false information to the police and to seek redress if need be for his civil claims”.

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