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JUSUN EXCOS Extend Gracious Courtesy Visit to Chief Judge of Imo State

JUSUN EXCOS Extend Gracious Courtesy Visit to Chief Judge of Imo State

Date: December 6, 2023

On December 6, 2023, the leadership of JUSUN (Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria) Executive Council (EXCOS) embarked on a significant courtesy visit to the Chief Judge of Imo State. This visit marked a momentous occasion aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and collaboration between the esteemed union and the Chief Judge's office.

Led by Mr Prince, the JUSUN EXCOS delegation conveyed sincere appreciation for the Chief Judge's dedication to upholding the rule of law and ensuring the effective administration of justice within Imo State. The visit served as a gesture of solidarity and respect for the pivotal role the judiciary plays in maintaining a just and equitable society.

During the meeting, both parties engaged in insightful discussions on matters of mutual interest, including the challenges faced by the judiciary, efforts to enhance the welfare of judiciary staff, and the overall improvement of the justice system in Imo State. The Chief Judge warmly welcomed the constructive dialogue, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between the judiciary and its supportive unions.

The EXCOS expressed their commitment to promoting the rights and welfare of judiciary staff, and they discussed potential avenues for cooperation to address common concerns. Additionally, they explored opportunities to work together on initiatives that would contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the judicial system in the state.

The Chief Judge commended JUSUN EXCOS for their proactive approach and acknowledged the crucial role played by judiciary staff in the administration of justice. The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to fostering a strong and harmonious relationship between the judiciary and JUSUN, intending to collectively advance the cause of justice in Imo State.

JUSUN EXCOS looks forward to further engagements with the Chief Judge's office and continuing the collaborative efforts to strengthen the judiciary and ensure the well-being of its dedicated staff.

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